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Patent Registration Services

Patents (Patent Registration Services )
From filing the patent application to grant of patent, the matter is monitored dedicatedly at each stage. The main activities involve are:

bullet Freedom-to-Operate Searches
bullet Prior Art Searches
bullet Infringement Analysis
bullet Patentability Analysis
bullet Patent Portfolio Management
bullet Specification and Claims Drafting for filing in India as well as abroad particularly in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office.
bullet Preparing and filing International Application, National Phase Application, Convention Application for Indian and foreign clients.
bullet Preparing and filing International Application, National Phase Application, Convention Application for Indian and foreign clients in other countries through our foreign associates.
bullet Patent Prosecution including assignment and licensing
bullet Filing opposition of Patent Applications and revocation of granted patents
bullet Protection against infringement

In the patent department, we have attorneys, engineers, advocates, scientists to assist our clients in the matter of patents granting, assignment of patents, licensing, prior art search, patent specification and claims drafting. Additionally, our team of lawyers is capable to look after the infringement matters.

Trademark Registration Services

Trademarks (Trademark Registration Services)

bullet Conducting Trademarks Searches
bullet Preparing and filing the documents for the registration of the Trade Marks under the provision of “Trade Marks Act” for ordinary Trade Marks, Certification Trademarks & Collective Trademarks.
bullet Drafting the documents/ regulations related to the applications for the Collective Trade Marks/Certification Trade Marks.
bullet Prosecuting, maintaining & reinstating the Trade Marks
bullet Drafting the notice of opposition, counter statements and other documents during the opposition period.
bullet Assignment and Licensing of Trade mark matters
bullet Providing full Legal Protection against the trademark Infringement

Copyrights & Designs Registration Services

Copyrights & Designs (Registration Services)

In the matter of copyright and design, we provide the services for the registration, assignment, licensing, and infringements.

Legal Opinion on (IPR) Patent, Trademark, Design & Copyright Laws

Patent, Trademark, Design & Copyright (IPR) litigation & infringement related services

Corporate and Commercial Services

The Group has vast experience in advising and handling matters related to Import and Export Law, Formation of Companies,Technology Transfers, Joint Ventures, Share purchase agreements, Share holders agreements, Takeovers/ Acquisitions, Mergers and Amalgamations, Law relating to Investment/ Disinvestment in Shares and Securities, Hotels and Resorts, Insurance and Banking Regulations/Law, Media and Entertainment Laws, and others not mentioned here.


Services related to Drugs and Cosmetics Laws

Services related to the compliance & offenses fall under the Drugs & Cosmetics Laws, Drugs & Magic Remedies Act and other such laws intended for the drugs and food safely.

>Services related to Drugs not of standard quality

>Services related to Drugs & Cosmetics Compliance

>Services related to Drug Licenses and offenses related thereto, Spurious Drugs and offenses related thereto,   misbranding and offenses related thereto.